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What is European Enterprise Alliance?

European Enterprise Alliance is an independent organization of experts, entrepreneurs and pro-market intellectuals, convinced that the best way forward is to protect economic freedoms, and in particular to guarantee an equal playing field for small and medium-sized Enterprises.

Equal rights and a transparent business environment enable small and medium-sized enterprises to compete with global players, bringing continuity to the thoughts of the founding fathers of the EU, convinced that European integration can only be achieved by building a community of interests and increasing prosperity.

Our team

Agata Boutanos (ZPP)

Agata Boutanos (ZPP)

Advisor to the Board

Glenn Cezanne

Glenn Cezanne

Secretary General & Board Member

Marcin Nowacki (ZPP)

Marcin Nowacki (ZPP)

The EEA's initiator & President

Danukas Arlauskas (LDK)

Danukas Arlauskas (LDK)


Our members

Lithuanian Business Employers’ Confederation

Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers

Association of Pharmaceutical Employers PharmaNET

Polish Businessmen Federation  

Why the EEA?

our modus operandi

The aim of the EEA is to support the creation of ideal regulatory and market conditions for SMEs within the EU. We Consolidate common positions and communicate them to European stakeholders via declarations, open letters, memoranda, or legislative proposals, in the interest of SMEs. The EEA also organizes  its  own and joint events to support and promote initiatives of represented SME sectors.

The EEA is an umbrella organisation which represents the interests of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises from across Europe. It brings together entrepreneurs and pro-market intellectuals to harness discussions and perceptions with a view of providing input in the decision-making processes that influence market and regulatory conditions within which SMEs function. Its fundamental principle is the creation of an equal playing field to allow fair competition across Europe.

Two of the underlying principles on which the EEA functions are the freedom to provide services and the freedom to provide goods. As is set out in the Services Directive, for example, it is of purpose to facilitate the establishment of service providers both in their home jurisdictions and in other European countries. Unfortunately, red tape continues to exist, which can be because of regulatory uncertainty or slow processes in implementation. As EEA, it is not only of interest to remove these hindering factors, but also advise decision-makers on how to facilitate the freedom to provide services and goods with regard to future standards of innovation which SMEs account for.

EEA is at the heart of EU decision-making as its headquarters is in Brussel. Nonetheless, due to its extensive network at national and regional levels is able to access decision-making across Europe. This is especially useful in light of coordinated actions that might be required so as to have the most effective impact on decision-making at supra-national levels.

The EEA provides a platform for the collective knowledge of micro-, small-, and medium-sized enterprises; those that experience the regulatory and market challenges on a daily basis. Combining this expertise with the experience in legal affairs and government relations that the EEA and its team bring, makes the EEA an effective voice for the core of what constitutes business in Europe.

The EEA goes further than providing advice and action for macro-political purposes such as the Digital Single Market. The EEA’s growth provides opportunity for SMEs to have a voice in sectoral policies such as in the area of health and energy.

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