We invite all business organisations, for which the Single Market and fair competition are the foundational concepts of European integration, to join the EEA. Together with our Members, we want to develop true freedom of services, a European digital market and sound, transparent law.

    Our members

    EEA represents a diverse range of organisations and businesses, and we work together to build a thriving community to advance European economic development and prosperity.


    “The EEA is our window to the European Union to make the voice of business louder.”

    Svitlana Mykhailovska

    Deputy Director Advocacy, European Business Association

    "Working with the EEA allows us to expand our outreach while representing Polish employers and entrepreneurs. Together we advance a better regulatory environment and opportunities for our businesses."

    Cezary Kazmierczak

    President of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers

    "The EEA helps us reach Brussels stakeholders and ensure that we have a voice in the discussion. We appreciate EEA’s attention to detail and super smooth internal and external communication. I am positive that if you join EEA, it will prove without doubt to be a worthy asset."

    Danukas Arlauskas

    President of Lithuanian Confederation of Employers

    "The EEA is a great asset to our network and a strong partner in the fight for a better business environment in Europe"

    Horst Heitz

    Chair of the Steering Committee of SME Connect

    "I am happy that, together with the EEA, we are working for a better and more secure future for SMEs, self-employed, and people thinking in an entrepreneurial way."

    Paul Rübig

    Honorary President of SME Europe and Former Member of the European Parliament


    By joining the EEA, you will benefit from:


    • Monitoring of regulatory and political developments. 
    • Position papers and preparations of communication materials. 
    • Being part of consortia for the joint projects financed from the EU funds. 
    • Receiving regular updates on the EU funding opportunities for businesses and SMEs. 
    • Update on unfair competition practices/cases relevant to your sectoral interests. 
    • Long-term strategic communication campaigns.
    • Dedicated events – working breakfasts and lunches, debates, conferences.
    • Key stakeholder mapping (European Commission, European Parliament, Council, Representations of Member States, experts, think tanks, sectoral organisations and NGOs).
    • Advocacy actvities and network building in Brussels as well as online. 

    How it works?


    Apply online

    Please fill in this online form. We would require you to provide us with a brief description of your activities and certain business information.


    We’ll be in touch

    We will revise your application and get back to you to set up a meeting. It’s a chance to know each other, and to ask any questions you might have.


    Let’s get started

    After the application is approved, we can begin our cooperation and move the EU agenda forward.

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