There are a plethora of EU funding opportunities for businesses to be engaged in. The funding can vary from cultural projects to research & innovation projects under the Horizon2020 programme. Furthermore, some funds are tailored for individual enterprises, whereby others are dedicated to consortiums, which can include a mix between large corporations and micro-enterprises.

      How it works?

      The EEA works together with a group of funding experts who have extensive experience in full-cycle EU funding activities, including successfully attaining EU funds, coordinating large-scale consortia and running government programmes.

      For both members and non-members of EEA, please write to or follow the steps below.


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      Send us an information request about the project you would like to receive an evaluation of potential funding opportunities at the EU level. 


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      You receive a free pre-evaluation by the experts on whether funding opportunities exist for your organisation.


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      Once we enter into an agreement, you can request services relevant to attaining EU funding and/or project management.

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