Position Paper on Energy Price Increases

Media outlets, research bodies and national organisations have been observing the vast in-creases in gas and energy prices (and in coal, crude oil, and CO2 emission allowances) that have occurred across Europe and most of the world at an enormous pace since the Autumn of 2020. For example, in Poland the average price of hedging and annual contract in 2020 was PLN 69.90/MWh, while currently, this same contract costs approximately PLN 500/MWh. In electricity, the average price of hedging an annual contract in 2020 was 232.74 PLN/MWh, and currently it is trading at 1000-1200 PLN/ MWh. Some European countries have experienced even higher increases. In Germany, the wholesale price for elec-tricity more than tripled in 2021 to an average of 97 EUR/MWh compared to the previous year, reaching the highest level in 20 years.  It seems that it was only the beginning of in-creases, as the same annual contract is currently trading at approximately 230 EUR/MWh.