Vision Zero – road to a safer children transportation

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The report on the EU Road Safety Policy Framework 2021-2030 Vision Zero adopted last October by the European Parliament, in its §27 calls on “establishing standards for information requirements on the safety parameters of child restraint systems”.

The CRS-child restraint systems topic and the problem of standardized information about the safety tests of the CRS should be addressed in the initiatives Commission adoption. The problem of safety in the children restraint systems is of double nature. It is an important global road safety issue but also, a serious concern from the European Union consumers regulation perspective. Lack of publicly available results of the devices safety tests impact the conscious choice of the consumers. Then, whereas vehicles and car parts make the safety tests available to the public, the children’s transportation devices remain in the unregulated area where neither producers nor the homologation authorities allow accessing the safety parameters the devices obtain.

A vast scientific research shows the risky results of some of the CRS devices that are in use. We believe that this topic should become a priority for the DG MOVE regarding the implementation of the Vision Zero Road Safety Framework for 2021-2030, and the DG JUST. Addressing this problem is also a part of the New Consumer Agenda work that calls on rights of informative choice and enforcing safety regulations of products used in the EU. The debate aims at explaining this problem in detail and present with the opportunity to understand the state of works on the document in the European Institutions.

We hope for elaborating on the directions for the CRS standardization as intercrossing transport safety and consumers EU community priority.


12:00-12:15    Welcome word by Kosma Złotowski, Member of the European Parliament, ECR Group

12:15-13:30    Debate & Questions   

Katarzyna Kurek, Consumers Forum Foundation

DG JUST Representative (tbc)

DG MOVE Representative (tbc)

Marcin Flieger, Global Road Safety Partnership – GRSP (tbc)

Bartłomiej Witucki, Sajfan Witucki Law Office

Jens Karsten, bxl-law Law Office

Fanny Rateau, ECOS Brussels

Łukasz Zboralski,

Moderation: Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers Board Member

*This is a physical event, and the EP accreditation is required. If you don’t have one, please get in touch with before May 23.